1888 - 1900

On June 15th, 1888, Artur Meisinger founded the "Deutsch-Amerikanische Zahnbohrerfabrik" (DAZF - German-American Dental Drill Factory) in Düsseldorf, Germany. At this time, dental medicine was still in its infancy. Toothing of the steel drills was done by hand, hardened on the Bunsen burner and quenched in raw potatoes. Meisinger recognized the potential and introduced as one of the world's first producers rotating milling and turning machines. Using the fast-popular foot drill machine brought to the dentist MEISINGER drills made with pure muscle power of up to 2,000 revolutions per minute. In comparison: today the instruments expect to face a 200 times faster rotation in the compressed air turbines.

MEISINGER initially produced a dental catalogue with over 600 pages depicting dental instruments, machinery and material. In addition to the detailed information, the catalogue made it quite clear what Artur Meisinger meant: the development of integrated solutions for all areas of dentistry. In the same year MEISINGER was one of the first dental companies world-wide that produced and sold instruments on the basis of semi-automatic drives.

1901 - 1920

Already a year after beginning his job with the DAZF, Willy Noack, born in 1875, was an important assistant of the DAZF. As a precision-engineer craftsman he is significantly responsible for the construction of machines which manufacture rotary instruments yet even more precisely.

3 years later Willy Noack and Artur Meisinger go their separate ways. Linked with a move to Berlin Noack becomes works director with the “Dental Drill Company Müller”.

Likewise, in Dusseldorf, Erwin Hager, 1900 - 1904 a precision-engineer craftsman at Meisinger, and Willy Noack founded the company “E.Hager & Co. producing and distributing dental products under the trade name of “Weltbohrer”

1921 - 1940

After several years as rivals, DAZF and E. Hager & Co. fuse together. The company still keeps its existent name today: Hager & Meisinger GmbH
The new trade mark shows the original signature of Artur Meisinger in white print on an orange coloured background.

MEISINGER produces and distributes ceramic polishers for the first time.

Only 3 years later the company begins with the fully automated steel production.

1941 - 1960

During the Second World War an air-raid extensively damaged a large part of the production factory. The loss of the turning shop, a large proportion of milling machines and the complete stock could not be prevented despite the efforts of MEISINGER’s own fire-fighters.

Towards the end of the Second World War, the allies confiscated many of the production machines. Nevertheless, management and employees succeed to accomplish the reconstruction of production in a very short time. In 1946, the manufacture of dental instruments was in full swing again.

The first hard-metal drill is developed in cooperation with the Johannes Gutenberg-University. Three years pass until it can go into serial production.

Mathieu Noack and Dr. Theo Höchst become managing directors.

Production of the FG bur begins.

1961 - 1980

MEISINGER opens a second production facility in Düsseldorf.

Karl-Heinz Noack and Hans Ferdinand Höchst become managing directors.

Development of the first cross geared tungsten carbide FG burs (RX-Bur).

By the early 1970s, MEISINGER strengthened its global marketing activities and moves into new fields of view. Among other things, numerous contacts were made in Japan at this time.

1981 - 2000

Commercial launch of the Bio-Medical-Cooling (BMC) systems: inwardly cooled, stainless steel instruments for maxillary surgery.

Hager & Meisinger enters into dental implantology, a business field that is still in its infancy shaping development globally to date.

The first CNC-production equipment is put into operation.

MEISINGER uses Titanium for the very first time for the production of dental implants, the most widely used implant material to date.

Dr. Burkard Höchst and Sebastian Voss become managing directors.
In the same year, complete implant systems are manufactured and distributed.

2001 - Today

Our subsidiary ”MEISINGER USA, L.L.C.” is established. The USA being a significant market and together with Canada can be supplied even quicker and more efficiently.

With the MEISINGER Bone Management, the company brings a complete coordinated product line for dental implants to the market.
MEISINGER moves from Düsseldorf to neighboring Neuss. Merging of production and the administration department in Neuss.

Production and administration of head-office is extended.
In the same year, MEISINGER establishes its national sales team for on-the-spot customer service.

In cooperation with the sports car manufacture Porsche, MEISINGER presents the Bone Management Road Show. It is characterized by the very latest implant subjects, high-profile speakers, hands-on lectures and exclusive ambience of the Porsche centers.

MEISINGER celebrates its 125th anniversary.
Also in 2013, Hager & Meisinger produced and marketed contra-angled headpieces and turbines for the first time. The “Condura”-drive stands for functionality, high performance and reliability.


Augmentation mit Präzision - Systemlösungen von MEISINGER Bone Management®

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