Meisinger Luster Polishing Systems

Bring your CAD/CAM restorations up to a high gloss finish

The new MEISINGER LUSTER polishing systems offer the right solution for the processing of all current CAD/CAM materials. And they ensure high gloss results entirely without polishing paste.
Current test results confirm the outstanding quality. We proudly state, that the LUSTER® for Zirconia and LUSTER® for Lithium Disilicate were selected by Dr. Olsen as a "Clinicial Problem Solver" for the July/August issue of the Dental Advisor.

Twist Polisher (Silicate C.)

Developed in collaboration with Greg Campbell, DDS, the MEISINGER Twist Polisher Kit for Silicate Ceramics is designed to be simple and efficient.

Twist Polisher (Zirconia C.)

Developed in collaboration with Greg Campbell, DDS, the Twist Polisher Kit for Zirconia is intended for use with monolithic Zirconium Ceramics and ZLS.

Twist Polisher (Poly C.)

MEISINGER Twist Polisher Kits for Poly-Ceramics is intended for use with Poly Ceramics and flowable Composites.


This kit according to James Klim DDS is designed for efficient and safe CAD/CAM ceramic finishing.

Cerecdoctors Finishing Kit

Developed in conjunction with, this kit was created to provide a wide range of solutions for today‘s ceramic restorations.

LUSTER Twist Kits

LUSTER® Twist Kits are specially developed for extra- and intraoral polishing of all ceramic restorations.

LUSTER Composite Finishing Kit

MEISINGER LUSTER® Composite Finishing Kit was created to trim and polish today’s advanced Composite materials


LUSTER for Silicate Ceramics

MEISINGER LUSTER® for Silicate Ceramics polishing system has been specially developed for use on post crystalized Lithium Disilicate restorations

LUSTER for Zirconia

MEISINGER LUSTER® for Zirconia polishing system has been specially developed for use on layered and monolithic Zirconium Oxide restorations.


MEISINGER LUSTER® for Zirconium reinforced Lithium Silicate polishers were developed for use on for Zirconia reinforced Lithium Silicate (ZLS).

LUSTER for Poly Ceramics

The MEISINGER polishing system LUSTER® for Poly Ceramics has been specially developed for use on hybrid ceramic restorations.

Occlusal Reduction Kit

The Patented Occlusal Reduction Bur allows for precise occlusal reductions to be achieved.

The Prep Kit

Developed in conjunction with, the Kit contains a selection of diamonds for inlays, onlays, and full coverage crowns.

Prep and Finishing Kit

Efficient shaping burs - according to James Klim DDS.

CAD/CAM Prep Kit

Efficient preparation kit - according to Mark R. Morin DDS, FWCW

Black Cobra Crown Prep. Kit

A multi-purpose crown preparation kit that includes our exclusive Black Cobra Diamonds and matching Trimming and Finishing carbides.

Zirkon Diamond Kit

The instruments of the Zirkon Diamond Kit have been specifically developed for working on Zirconium Dioxide surfaces.

Zirkon Master Kit

The Zirkon Master Kit contains abrasives for precise and easy processing of Zirconia restorations.

Cercon® 0°/ 2°

This assortment is composed for the CAD/CAM milling technique.

LUSTER Intraoral Polishing Kit

The last step in any indirect cementation appointment is the final polish. Dr. James Klim developed the LUSTER® Intraoral Polishing Kit.

Porcelain Polishing Kits

The LUSTER® Porcelain Polishing Kits are specially developed for the polishing of Porcelain and Feldspathic Ceramics.

CAD/CAM Polishing Kit

The CAD/CAM Polishing Kit is for machining and polishing highperformance dental Ceramics such as Aluminum Oxide and Zirconium Oxide.

CEREC® Prep & Polishing Kit

The kit includes all the preparation instruments for state-of-theart preparation of CAD/CAM manufactured crowns and bridges.

Ceramics Polishing Kits

The Ceramics Polishing Kit is a three-step system for polishing of Ceramics in dental laboratories.

Acrylic Adjustment Kit

The Acrylic Adjustment Kit offers comprehensive instruments for the quick and easy adjustment and polishing of acrylics.

Flexible Acrylic Kit

MEISINGER’s Flexible Acrylic Adjustment and Polishing kit is the only kit you will ever need for adjusting and polishing Valplast®, DuraFlexTM and tcs® partials.

Black Cobra Kit

MEISINGER Black Cobra Crown Temporization Kit includes all the instruments for adjusting and polishing temporaries.

Elevation for Composite

Elevation® disposable Composite polishers were designed for use with all Hybrid Composites, microfilled Composite restoratives, and high density restorative material

LUSTER for Lava Ultimate

The MEISINGER LUSTER® for LavaTM Ultimate polishing set is specially developed for use on resin nano-ceramic from 3M ESPE.

LavaTM is a registered trademark of 3M
BeCe® is a registered trademark of BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei Wilh. Herbst GmbH & Co. KG
CeltraTM is a registered trademark of DENTSPLY DETREY GmbH
BruxZir® is a registered trademark of Glidewell Laboratories
IPS e.max® and IPS Empress® are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH
CEREC® is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH
In-Ceram®, Suprinity®, VITABLOCS® and Enamic® are registered trademarks of VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG

Polishing systems

MEISINGER sets demonstrate the best results of all the polishing systems tested.

Surgical milling cutters

Optimized smooth running results in low vibration - our new Surgical milling cutters.


Augmentation mit Präzision - Systemlösungen von MEISINGER Bone Management®

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