New from Meisinger: NanoBone

Synthetic bone reconstruction material

New in our product range: With NanoBone®, MEISINGER is showcasing a high-quality synthetic bone reconstruction material. Key features include a large inner surface area and complete remodeling capabilities. NanoBone® is available in the following forms: “granulate”, “block”, and a ready-to-use “putty” for immediate application.

Three options, one purpose

  • putty
  • granulate
  • block

Without any mixing necessary, the “putty” bone reconstruction material is ready to use. The very large inner surface with an area of 206m2 per gram ensures extremely rapid bone regeneration.

The “granulate”, which is available both in fine and course granulations, is either mixed with blood or with a sterile saline solution and then applied into the defect.


The “block” system features a distinctively large inner surface area. As a high-quality alternative to the autogenic block, it saves from having to harvest bone in a second surgical procedure.


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Your benefits

Natural composition and structure
Although it is manufactured synthetically, with regard to its chemical composition and crystalline structure, the calcium phosphate in NanoBone® is seemingly consistent with the calcium phosphate components which make up natural bone. The main ingredient is pure-phase nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite in the same form the body itself uses for the regeneration of bones and teeth.

A large inner surface area
NanoBone® is manufactured by means of a sol-gel process reaching up to 700°C. Due to the low temperatures, the material is not sintered and has a highly porous structure with pores ranging from nanometers to micrometers in size. The inner surface area is 206m2 per gram in the case of “putty” and “block”, or 84m2 per gram in the case of “granulate”.

Rapid formation of bone
Proteins accumulate on the large inner surface area triggering transformation processes which result in the formation of new and natural bone. In this way, a sinus lift is possible after only 3 months.

Complete remodeling
After approx. 12 months, NanoBone® almost completely biodegrades. Only newly formed bone remains, free of any traces of impurities.

Synthetic material
Thanks to manufacturing it synthetically without substances of biological origin, negative immune responses and the transmission of disease can be ruled out with a high level of certainty.

Bone Management

Minimally invasive implantology systems after formation of autologous bone.


Product details, image film, and case reports: All information on the innovative bone reconstruction material, Nano-Bone®, can be found here.


Augmentation mit Präzision - Systemlösungen von MEISINGER Bone Management®

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